Utility Solutions

Patience can be scarce in the Utilities segment, and with the global customers relying on utilities as necessities to daily life, responsiveness is a highly desired criteria. However, with vast customer bases to cover, Utility providers need a partner to expand their operations network to render timely support to all customers.

To manage this, focus needs to be on reducing churn in business, optimizing network efficiency, net promoter score, and ability to predict and manage energy demands.

Data intelligent solutions…

Intelenet designed a blended contact center environment and multi-channel collections approach to improve the early stage collections results, and reminder to disconnection conversion rates for a Utilities client. Here we leveraged our proprietary TAP solution to improve our delivery model and operational performance.

Global Service Portfolio

Intelenet’s services in this segment are focused on staffing optimization to address all forecasted and adhoc situations.

  • Customer-Management
    Customer Management
    Proof points
    Multi-channel inbound & outbound service support including customer acquisition, query management, campaign management, collections and grievances
    • Net promoter score at +23 through intelligent call flow design
  • Service-&-Account-Management
    Service & Account Management
    Service Order Management, Service Installations, Upgrades & Relocations, Service Account Management, Storm/Outage Handling, Start/Stop/Repairs Service Request Management
    • Service quality at >85 % through tools, analytics and six sigma deployment
  • Billing-&-Fulfillment
    Billing & Fulfillment
    Metering Services, Management of Prepaid Account, Bill Processing, Invoice Generation, Issue Management, Cancellations Management
    • 81% improvement in billing on actual reads through root case analysis
    • 70% reduction in unbilled accounts through predictive analytics
  • Credit-&-Collections
    Credit & Collections
    Collections/ Reminder for payment management, Payment Plan support, Identification of hardship customers, Credit Management, Reconciliations
    • 35% improvement in dialer efficiency through data cleansing & prioritization
  • Business-Intelligence
    Business Intelligence & Reporting
    Predictive Modeling & Analytics for Process Optimization and data intelligent reporting
    • 10% reduction in operating expenses through cost-to-serve insights
  • Our portfolio supports customers through phone, email, chat and social media mediums, with tool & analytics enablement to ensure personalized service delivery to every customer.
  • Our solutions leverage over 1000+ Retail workforce experienced Customer Experience & Brand Loyalty Management.
  • All processes are strengthened with Lean, Six Sigma & transformation capabilities, as well as supported by over 100+ tools spanning the Customer & Vendor Lifecycle.

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