Tools by Service Delivery Lifecycle

  • Hiring Control & Employee Management
    Tools deployed for..
    Sample list of tools in place
    Right no of People at the Right time & quantity
    • Incubation Tracker
    • Talent Vitality IndexTraining
    • Employee Satisfaction Index
  • Training
    Improve Quality, C- Sat Scores
    • Epiplex
    • IRefresh
    • HR POF
    • Process Knowledge Test
    • E-learning
  • Floor Control & Management
    Headcount, Attendance & Shrinkage, Scheduled Adherence, CSE Performance, Queuing
    • I-Ops
    • Operations Control Centre
    • Inbound and outbound CRMs
    • IVIEW (UD) for key industries integrated with ACD and Dialer
    • 3rd Party tools like Savvion, Blue Pumpkin & Talisma
  • Process Efficiency & Quality
    Deliver Quantum Improvements
    • Knowledge Management (Search Engine)
    • Escalation Management
    • Nerve Center
    • Black Hawk
    • Maverick

Detailed of sample solutions deployed at Intelenet® are as follows:

  • Open Span: is a Desktop Automation tool, to automate vendor queries for the client, OpenSpan takes care of several pain areas including multiple application access, lengthy process steps and compliance mandate adherence.
  • iCube: is tailored specially for the collections process, marrying the unique requirements of a collections software across channels and the stringent security required to be maintained as part of the collections process. The iCube CRM suite is developed with underlying SDLC methodology using Microsoft .NET Technology with SQL server 2008 and above as the back end.
  • Inspire: is an automated Work Flow / Data Capture application for Voice & Data Process.
  • Talisma: is a CRM tools used by the vendor helpdesk team. This tool replaced the Microsoft Outlook in responding to vendor queries. This tool has a major advantage of unique ticket id created for any email received at various vendor mailboxes with no deleting option.
  • Epiplex: is an excellent tool for conducting self-learning refreshers and will be deployed for the duration of the contract term, starting at the Transition phase. Epiplex will assist in converting trainer led training modules to self-learning modules. It can be integrated with systems and is easy to access. The reports from Epiplex simulator help in identifying key areas where the agents face challenges, helping Intelenet® to resolve the same.
  • Prism: is a bespoke multi-platform tool which has been rolled out across our contact center operations as a proven solution for Business Intelligence (BI), Management Information (MI), Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • Update/Knowledge Management: At Intelenet® Update/Knowledge management is the core asset of our processes. In view of this we have an in-house tool called The Knowledge Management system (KMS). This service offering has helped us organize and manage our client’s knowledge bases and support their content.
  • iResolve: Is an in-house CRM, originally developed for providing a cost effective solution for our clients.
  • I-Decision: Our in-house Decision Tool, developed for our Healthcare client, to automate the denial to action plan management process.
  • INTELENET CREDIT BUREAU SERVICES ®: Our in-house Credit Management platform, designed for our Credit Bureau client for Member Management, Disputes & Disclosures Management and Reporting.