Tools by Industry Solutions

Banking & Financial Services

  • INTELENET CREDIT BUREAU SERVICES ®: Our in-house Credit Management platform, designed for our Credit Bureau client for Member Management, Disputes & Disclosures Management and Reporting.
  • iResolve: is and in-house CRM, originally developed for providing a cost effective solution for our clients.


  • Payer Process Information (PPI):): Intelenet’s learning management tool for our Collections & Denials agents to help them quickly refer to Payer related processes, policies and procedures. This system also contains a repository of claim forms, formats & correspondence layouts used by the various Payers across the US. The PPI tool is in the form of an online, context-sensitive self-help tool, where the collector can type a specific Payer name and access an array of information ranging from the various Plan types, the Benefit details and explanation, coverage details, addresses, contact numbers, processing requirements, documentation formats, medical case management requirements, etc. This helps collectors to quickly decipher the nature of potential issues, and how to resolve Denials for each of the major Payers.
  • i-Decision: Our in-house Decision Tool, developed for our Healthcare client, to automate the denial to action plan management process
  • Image-enabled workflow: This system allows us to receive scanned images from an Imaging server, index them appropriately, and then route them to the desired operator based on the required action, skill or any other business rule. This system also provides in-depth reporting capability to analyze operational parameters such as Agent productivity, average processing times, wait times, total cycle times, backlog analysis by transaction type etc. We also have the capability to convert legacy print files (.plc) and documents into digital imaging formats.


  • i-Cube: Tailored specially for the collections process, marrying the unique requirements of a collections software across channels and the stringent security required to be maintained as part of the collections process. The i-Cube CRM suite is developed with underlying SDLC methodology using Microsoft .NET Technology with SQL server 2008 and above as the back end.
  • Dialer: Intelenet’s dialer can be integrated with client systems to ensure seamless transfer of data. We also develop, implement and modify dialer strategies to increase agent productivity up to 400% over manual dialing.
  • IC-4 Collections platform:: IC4 System is our In-house Collection System, developed by Indus. This system can be integrated with Ensemble Pro, Inventory Details, has the capability for Dialing File generation, Processing Payments and Generating Reports. This system can also be leveraged for early and late stage collections, with pre-empt for alerts built into the system based on the client process.