Telecom Outsourcing

Telecom Outsourcing

Within the Telecom market, competition is high as players barge into star segments with innovative sales techniques to entice customer bases.

To manage this, providers need to build their capability in loyalty enriched services, which are enabled only through customization of customer interactions, aligned to individual customer and market segments

Capability-driven solutions…

Intelenet® leads and deploys studies to assess current engagement model between Telecom providers and customers, and works with the client to leverage Six Sigma, Lean and WFM models to assure maximum operational efficiency and effective customer experience management.

Global Service Portfolio

Intelenet’s services in this segment are spread across our global delivery network to support end-customers in culturally aligned environments to engage them more satisfactorily.

  • Customer Acquisition
    Proof points
    Tele-marketing, Online/Direct marketing, Promotion/Up-sell & cross-sell, New account set-up
    • Deployed our proprietary suite of tools to reduce AHT and improve FTR
    • Delivered contact rate of 53% and raw conversion rate of 10.7%
    • Helped client increase sales by 25-30%.
  • Customer Maintenance
    Outbound reference request, Information center, Order taking, Account maintenance services, Service helpdesk & Technical support, Mail management, Query management
    • Improved repeat call rate from 23% to 19%
    • 93% contactability provided in welcome calling and 93% outgoing call barring releases provided within the involuntary retention process
  • Fulfillment Services
    Billing, Returns handling, Complaint management, Issue Resolution, Cancellations
    • Processed $616 Million in Quotes in a yr
    • 70% AHT reduction for billing calls
  • Service Enablers
    Collections, Finance & Accounting, Refunds, Logistics
    • 40% efficiency passed to client from Day 1 through centralization and decomposition of processes
  • Customer Retention
    Value Added Services, Credit Extensions, Outbound Customer Surveys, Grievance Management , Post Feedback actions
    • Deployed CSAT tool to manage customer feedback/grievances
  • Our portfolio supports customers through phone, email, chat and social media mediums, with tool & analytics enablement to ensure personalized service delivery to every customer.

  • Our solutions leverage over 4000+ Travel, Logistics & Hospitality workforce experienced in GDS systems like Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan.

  • All processes are strengthened with Lean, Six Sigma & transformation capabilities, as well as supported by over 200+ tools spanning the Customer & Reservations Lifecycle.

  • We oofer best solutions to outsource telecom customer service & other contact center services.

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