T: Technology

In keeping with our commitment to deliver exceptional and value driven Multichannel BPO services, Intelenet® uses Technology and Tools for enhancing and evolving the output of every process within our purview.

We work towards diagnosing the process situation and recommending technology and tools enhancements that exemplify customer experience and would lend an edge to the overall business with year-on-year productivity gains and tangible ROI.

Intelenet® actively participates in Product, Service, and Process innovation where a wide range of diverse tools are deployed. To date we have over 600 applications and tools that help us drive various elements of operational excellence, including but not limited to:

  • Outsourcing-Enablers
    Outsourcing Enablers
    Solutions deployed…
    IResolve TM Multichannel & Multivertical CRM
    ICube Collections tools
    I-Flow® TM & Inspire TM BPM- DMS for Finance & Accounting, Insurance & Banking process workflow management
  • -Knowledge-Management
    Knowledge Management
    I-Search Platform, I-Refresh Platform, PRISM LMS, One Stop Solution, Online Assessment, Talent Vitality Index, Quiz Engine, Epiplex training platform
  • Productivity-&-Quality
    Productivity & Quality
    Reconciliation tool- Iconcile
    Productivity tools -Maverick and Project Connect
    Quality tools: Eagle Vision, CART, Quality Evaluation, Black Hawk, PRISM QMS
    Brainstorming tools: AIM- All Ideas Matter
  • Reporting-&-Compliance
    Reporting & Compliance
    Reporting tools: eCRM, PRISM, Loading Station
    Regulatory Compliance: NDNC Scrubbing, Biz Vision, People Vision, Risk Assessment & Tracking, Business Continuity Management, Procurement Management, Global IT Requisition, Incubation Tracker, SAP Scanning
    Workforce Management – OCC and Log IT

    These tools provide:

  • Real time access to SLA’s, Operational metrics and Financials.
  • Ensure accuracy of all systems through reduction of manual error.
  • Create independently functioning systems, thereby achieving cost effectiveness.
  • Streamline reporting channels to the customer.
  • Save executive time from compiling reports. It ensures accuracy and enhances management touch time.
  • Common platform for key business drivers and provide a clear direction for success by identifying metrics that set business priorities.
  • Comparative analysis and drill down to an agent level on a real time YTD basis.
  • Virtual Assistant for optimized service delivery

With 150 dedicated digitization experts aligned to support our TAP programs, Intelenet’s technology program is constantly evolving to encompass learnings from clients, market trends and best practices to consistently surpass business expectation through innovative tech enablement.

For more details on our tools, please refer to ”I-Toolkit”

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