At Intelenet®, TAP is our DNA

The TAP framework - Technology, Analytics and Process Excellence - aims at deploying our core capability to enable a paradigm shift in managing processes and services. Intelenet® believes in constantly surpassing the benchmarks, and has instilled this drive for exceptional performance into our operational DNA.

TAP is an amalgamation of our capability from the fields of Technology, Analytics and Process Excellence, working closely with our Operations teams to identify and implement transformational projects for our clients. We focus on solutions driven by Technology and Knowledge Services to deliver additional value to our clients.

The TAP framework allows us to match the pace and impact of change in today’s dynamic environment to identify and implement transformational projects and agile solutions for our clients. We deploy our core capability in TAP™ to assess the operational environment and use knowledge-driven insights to:

  • Provide enhanced Customer Experience
  • Improved Efficiency and Reduced Costs
  • Explore untapped Opportunities