TAP: DNA of Intelenet®

Intelenet® believes in constantly surpassing our benchmarks, and has instilled this drive for exceptional performance into our operational DNA.

As part of our commitment to service and long term partnership, we deploy our core capability in TAP (Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence) to assess the operational environment and pool in knowledge driven insights to explore opportunities across operations whilst providing better customer experience, with improved efficiency and reduced costs to our clients.

Our TAP framework

Intelenet’s TAP framework for BPO transformation allows us to match the pace and impact of change in the current dynamic environment. This is an amalgamation of our capability from the fields of Technology, Analytics and Process Excellence working closely with our Operations teams to identify and implement transformational projects for our clients. Some key examples include:



  • I-Banking platforms implementation and maintenance
  • Developed vertical specific Work-flow tools
  • Support multiple ERP systems, implement fully integrated web based solutions
  • Phantom Robotics Process Automation (PRPA)
  • In-House software solutions: iFlowTM, InspireTM, iResolveTM to complement existing software to optimize their potential
  • Collaborate portals for customers’ service, sales and operations


  • Real time Analytics and reporting
  • Fraud root cause analysis, detection & prevention
  • Cash forecasting
  • Data, text and web analytics

Process Excellence

  • Process benchmarking and streamlining through automation
  • Metrics driven process management
  • Customer effort reduction for better NPS