Security and Compliance Management BPO

Security is as strong as the weakest link in the system. Compliance of end user systems is important to maintain a good security posture. It is therefore important to ensure a healthy end user computing environment.

Intelenet® assist clients to remotely monitor the health of the end user systems and identify the deviations before any adverse impact is created by such unsecured systems in the environment.

Secure data solutions

Intelenet® acts as the data importer, i.e. we work as the processor who receives personal data from data exporter/controller. We process the personal data on behalf of the data exporter, in compliance with his processing instructions, which may be specific instructions or standing instructions of general appreciation.

Capability Portfolio

Intelenet® adheres to ISO 27001, BS7779 and PCI security protocols across our centres, networks, and data centres, and support clients with consulting engagements specifically aimed at building resilient infrastructure.

  • Security-Operations-Management
    Security Operations Management
    Proof points
    Antivirus remote Management, Monitoring and Detection Services, Security Log Monitoring using correlation tool ( Managed services), OS / Application Patch Management and Monitoring, Data Protection Monitoring
    • Deployed remote compliance management & monitoring, in turn Curbing infectious outbreaks originating from unmanaged systems
  • Vulnerability-Attack-Penetration Testing
    Vulnerability, Attack & Penetration Testing
    Identifying the vulnerabilities of mis-configured systems within the infrastructure. Recommending controls around closing the vulnerabilities and mitigating associated risks
    • Deployed scans, tests and reviews to Reduce / eliminate the vulnerabilities and strengthen the infrastructure
  • Certification-Advisory-Services
    Certification Advisory Services
    ISMS Consulting, ISO27001 Compliance / Certification Services, PCI-DSS Compliance, Advisory services
    • Designed ISMS / PCI framework, and recommended the controls as per standards requirement
    • Prepared processes for compliance readiness
  • Security-Effectiveness-Reviews
    Security Effectiveness Reviews
    Security Quantitative KPI setting, Security Training & Awareness Programs, Security Governance, Security Dashboards
    • Deploying periodic and adhoc reviews to Proactively identifying and remediating business impacts
  • Audit-Services
    Audit Services
    Internal Audits for ISO27001 / PCI-DSS, Information Systems Reviews, Compliance Reviews
    • Regular assessments for internal assurance, 3rd party assurance and regulatory compliance
  • Implementation-Services
    Implementation Services
    Data Leak Prevention tools, Arcsight Implementation Services, Configuration management and control, File Integrity Tools
    • Deployed various tools for clients to strengthen their infrastructure security network
  • Intelenet® adheres to ISO 27001, BS7779 and PCI security protocols across our centres, networks, and data centres.

  • Our solutions leverage over 100 professionals certified in CISSPs / CEH / CISA / SAN protocols

  • IntelenetGlobal BPO - India's Leading security and compliance management services to our clients.