P: Process Excellence

Intelenet® works relentlessly on all our processes to continuously improve the performance, design, execution and capabilities. We leverage our learnings and best practices to deliver operational excellence, superlative service delivery and improved ROI for all our clients.

We leverage Lean and Six Sigma approaches to enhance operational and performance efficiencies by conducting independent root-case analysis on identified gaps, issues and challenges at process and functional levels. These analyses are used to design and implement improvement projects to enhance capabilities. All such projects are supported by a robust Governance model to ensure they are integrated to drive efficiency within all processes

Process Excellence Framework

Intelenet’s Process Excellence framework aims to provide long-term strategic value to clients' business through on-going process improvement and cost reduction initiatives.

  • Business-Requirement
    Business Requirement
    Discover how process should work or diagnose how it currently operates end to end
  • Business-Analysis
    Business Analysis
    Map cross functional and cross geography touch points, drivers and factors of process in swim lanes
  • Solution-Deployment
    Solution Deployment
    Design/ redesign these processes to eliminate the wasted or redundant effort across all touch points and improve efficiency

The tool-kits deployed for these are

  • Design for Six Sigma (DfSS),
  • Modeling and Simulation (Crystal Ball and Promodel),
  • BPR (Nissen’s Diagnostic Framework), and
  • ITRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), particularly Directed Evolution.

A key recent success in process innovation has been backward mapping of floor requirements into new hire training as well as introducing alternate training paths based on input competencies

Other key PeX impacts are

  • Radical change and assumption challenge.
  • Organization restructuring.
  • Exploitation of Enabling technology.

Our PeX team is built of professionals with strong analytics and Six Sigma background coupled with excellent business acumen.

This team has a dual role: supporting all transitions including process modeling, defining TOM, FMEA etc. and also have a BAU role for undertaking transformation projects for improving our delivery performance.

For more details on our PeX Solutions, please refer to ”Next Gen Solutions” & “I-Toolbox”