Intelenet Mortgage Services

Intelenet® Global Services is an End-to-end Solution Provider of Mortgage Services including default management. We handle the entire customer life cycle that involves Case Registrations and Data Entry, Underwriting, Completion servicing & Contact Centre. We offer specialized services in the area of multi- layered underwriting.

Value Devlivery Highlights

Niche Underwriting Capability
  • End-to-End Solution Provider of Mortgage Services
  • Complex and Discretion based underwriting decisions upto £1 Mn
Large Volumes of Disbursals Managed
  • Processed about 80% of the underwriting volumes
  • Offered nearly £28Bn & Disbursed over £23Bn in Mortgage across 2017
Re-imagining Mortgage Application Cycle
  • Deployed innovative solutions supported by LEAN/6-Sigma methodologies to reduce Mortgage Offer cycle from 11 days to 48 hours for a leading UK bank.
Enhancing Customer Advocacy
  • Increase in Net Promoter Score by 60% from -20 in Jan’15 to +41 in Sept’ 17
Secured Multi-Channel Services
  • Multi-channel customer services via our proprietary tool ICE™ thereby reducing cost and improving customer experience.

    Speech Analytics based applications that enable tripartite mapping of Customer Behavior, Process & Complaints:

  • Sharp trend mapping via usage of analytics in mortgage Customer Lifecycle Management.
  • Analytics used to reduced mortgage turnaround times.

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Our Achivements

Intelenet ® Radius TM

Effective Staff Scheduling & Planning

Think Mortgage,Think Intelenet

  • Mortgage funds released to the tune of

    • £23Bn

      annually & over
    • £240Bn

      till date
  • Seamless application process

    • 170,000

      new mortgage applications processed annually
  • Handling

    • 80%

      of underwriting volumes for a leading UK bank
  • Authorized to underwrite complex loan worth

    • £1Mn

      without client intervention
  • Mortgage Offer cycle reduced from

    • 11 Days

    • 48 Hours

      using lean,6-sigma methodologies for a leading UK bank.
  • Adept at managing large volumes

    • 170

      different types of customer requests handled with the volume of over
    • 100,000

      request per month.

Great Results, Happy Clients

Thank you for all the hard work you do, day in, day out — without you we wouldn't succeed I've been thoroughly impressed by your knowledge, your customer obsession and your team spirit. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for my return visit next year. All the best, #lets go forward.

Head of Mortgages form a Leading Bank in the U.K.

What a fantastic week with the Intelenet® colleagues! The passion and enthusiasm the entire team have for delivering great customer service and great customer outcomes should be a lesson to all of us. Can't wait to see you again.

Director of Mortgage Products from a leading bank in the U.K.

Hugely impressed by you all! Great professionalism and fantastic empathy with customers turning those bugs into butterflies will make you totally unbeatable!!

COO, Retail Operations Support from a leading bank in the U.K.

I am always in awe of one pride, passion, energy and friendliness of you all. it is a sincere privilege to be here and win all the collaboration and desire to be customer obsessed. I know we will succeed. #ThankYou #KeepGoing #KeepSmiling

Sr. Customer Experience Officer, Mortgages from a leading bank in the U.K.

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