Contact Center Management

Customers perception of a provider is very important in the service segment, and with varying sensibilities to look after, providers need a large and educated resource pool to manage customer interactions with services that would increase provider credibility, ensuring repeat business.

Intelenet® factors in these base requirements into all our contact center processes by deploying customer-focused operations to drive customer satisfaction metrics across every process.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience Management

Intelenet® deployed analytical & six-sigma tools to assess and improve the customer experience over the omni-channel service lines, which resulted in Intelenet’s placement as the “Finalist in the Retail Week Customer Experience awards in 2015”.

Capability Portfolio

Our Contact Center solutions encompasses customer relationship management (CRM) technologies, social media and analytics to deliver accurate, timely information about each customer to an associate before the point of contact. This It puts the customer at the center of the transaction, creating positive moments of truth and reducing the customer effort

  • Priority-Customer-Management
    Priority Customer Management
    Proof points
    Priority Desks, Loyalty Management, Complaint/Grievance Management
    • Deployed solution with split desks which reduced issues & escalation by 50%, and increased client sales by 30%
  • Customer-Acquisition
    Customer Acquisition
    Omni-channel inbound & outbound service support including customer acquisition, tele-marketing, campaign management, Online/Direct marketing, Promotion/Up-sell & cross-sell, New account set-up
    • Reformed customer connect rate with IVR workflow, which increase conversion rate from 34% to 50%
  • Customer-Maintenance
    Customer Maintenance
    Omni-channel inbound & outbound service support including helpdesk, query management, delivery management, refunds & recall management
    • Deployed Mobile & Online solutions that reduced AHT by 40%
    • Reduced repeat call rate from 28% to 18% through six sigma programs
  • Customer-Retention
    Customer Retention
    Metering Services, Management of Prepaid Account, Bill Processing, Invoice Generation, Issue Management, Cancellations Management
    • Reduced repeat call rate from 28% to 18% through six sigma programs
  • Collections
    Predictive Modeling & Analytics for Process Optimization and data intelligent reporting
    • Improved liquidation from 29% to 40% through blended dialer model
  • Our portfolio supports customers through phone, email, chat and social media mediums, with tool & analytics enablement to ensure personalized service delivery to every customer.

  • Our solutions leverage over 30,000+ workforce experienced in Customer Experience Management

  • All processes are strengthened with Lean, Six Sigma & transformation capabilities, as well as supported by over 600+ tools spanning the Customer lifecycle