Working with Us

We take pride in our workforce, and as an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate on race, religion, sex, color, age, national origin, or physical disability, but drive core humane and ethical values amongst all our employees

We believe in people capabilities, and know that their buy-into an organization’s vision and values is a deciding factor of the success of the organization.

Organizational Ownership…

We foster an Open Communication network amongst our workforce to empower them with ownership and flexibility to do their bit in achieving our cumulative goals successfully. Attuned to ambitions…

Intelenet® believes in encouraging our people to live their ambitions in a familial work environment. We support our people in reaching for their personal and professional goals by enriching their work scope, sponsoring their up-skill educations, and supporting their personal achievements. We believe in enjoying the work we do, and create an enjoyable & creatively liberating work environment that gives our people the platform to refresh, and re-channel their efforts more productively.

Work Culture

Intelenet® is a nurturing organization, and is committed towards the well being and growth of our employees within their work and personal lives. It is our privilege to be home to some of the best minds in the service industry and we work on transcribing their learnings into structured trainings that empower our people with the building blocks to excel in their endeavors

  • Mentoring…
    Life at Intelenet®
    We take on a mentorship approach with our people and believe in hiring the skill and refining the potential to excel in all aspects of life. We take an active interest in our people’s ambitions by creating open communication channels for gathering feedback and understanding needs to build a more enriching work environment
  • Motivating…
    We believe in our people’s capabilities and along with trainings we take a “teach by example approach” to motivate our people to be the best they can be. We have half-yearly and yearly award programs that recognize outstanding performers and inspire their peers to follow suite.
  • Listening…
    We have an open-culture policy where we endorse our people to voice their opinions through one-on-one interactions, discussion forums, skip meetings etc.. Our BHR team analyzes all opinions and drives initiatives to nurture and empower our people within the organization.
  • Developing…
    We have a strong & robust commitment towards capability & career building. Various learning interventions are designed/ offered to ensure that we prepare our employees to deliver their best in their current roles and also groom them to take on additional responsibilities
  • Working…
    We instill State of the Art Infrastructure, 24*7 cafeteria, Gym, Yoga, Hobby Areas, Sporting Activities, Libraries, and Fitness & Counseling advocates across our delivery centers to support our people with comfortable work environments that take care of our people’s holistic needs

Intelenet® has in place multiple employee feedback forums where our people come together to share their feedbacks and concerns with their peers, supervisors and management who work as a team to identify improvement areas, and design individual career paths for our people to reach their desired ambitions

Growing with Us

At Intelenet®, an estimated 80-90% of our promotions to middle management are result of our Accelerated Career Growth Programs.

We believe in investing in our people, and supporting their goals as we refine their potential and provide them a platform to excel and grow with us.

Intelenet® focuses on grooming talent and preparing them for their next role in their working environment.

  • Continual Learning
    Growing with Intelenet®
    We foster continuous learning and development amongst our workforce by conducting regular Competency Gap Analysis mapped to their individual career paths. These analysis are utilized to design and implement focus trainings to up-skill and endorse our resources to make headway towards their desired goal
  • Competency Development
    Through programs such as SEED – Skill Enhancement through Employee Development and GROW – Getting Ready for Opportunities at Growth we encourage our employees to build competencies, process abilities and functional skills that will help them become more productive/ effective on the job.

    These programs are announced through monthly L&D calendars and are conducted by internal trainers/ SME’s and external faculty. The progress made by an individual is tracked through on going reviews and at the time of Appraisals.
  • Accelerated Career Growth
    Identifying Hi Po’s and investing in their development is key for us to build a strong talent pipeline. The STEP – Strive towards Excellence Program and the LEAD- Leadership Excellence Accreditation & Development programs aim at grooming CSE’s for Team Leader and Team Leaders for Team Manager roles respectively.

    These leadership positions constitute nearly 40% of the Supervisory roles in our company. We also focus on mid & senior level development through in house programs like FLAME, PINNCALE and other such initiatives.

    These programs are spread across a few months and include class room learning, on the job assignments, project work, self reading etc..

    Over & above we also nominate our Key Critical Resources to external programs / seminars to help them gather industry insights and build strong networks.

We have in place regular up-skill, cross-skill, team work, management, & leadership trainings and workshops aligned to refine our people and prepare them for the next phase in their work-life.

We also subscribe to our people’s personal development with out-to-the box, creative enhancement, sports, theatre, social, fitness, and counseling activities that add on to their overall life path.

Fun @ work

We spend a good chunk of our lives at our workplace, and we believe in enjoying our role and work environment, to keep morale high and stress at bay.

All-year round participative fun activities

At Intelenet® every week, month and quarter we have fun activities planned for our people to let their hair down. These range from Theme days (independence, valentines, Halloweens, Festivals) to Karaoke, quiz games, dance workshops, & staged performances.

Employee Appreciation Programs

We are appreciative of our people’s time and effort in helping us build the organization, and who are responsible for keeping our customers happy, and so we take pride in felicitating them every year, with our annual employee appreciation program which runs for 3 weeks

Awarding high performers

Every quarter, we celebrate the success of our employees who go over and above to meet the organization’s goals and keep our clients happy. At Intelenet® the “I-Sparkle” award ceremony, serves as platform where our employees are recognized and awarded on their exceptional commitment and achievement across arenas.

Building Team Spirit

We are bunch of sports fanatics, and love the adrenaline rush of competing in cricket, tennis, badminton, hockey, table tennis and volleyball. Intelenet’s sponsors games where our employees are trained and compete with internal and external sporting teams, in turn fostering teamwork, assuring physical wellbeing and FUN for all parties involved.

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