Big Data & Analytics Solutions

Globally, 2.6 Exabyte of data is created every day, with 90% of the this data created in the last couple of years itself. With the advent and boon of social media and mobility transactions , there is a huge reservoir of data sitting to be analyzed for trends.

Intelenet's Big Data and Analytical solutions, analyzes clients gigabytes of data to provide customer intelligent solutions through predictive and reactive analytical programs to assure competitive advantage to clients.

Data driven solutions

Intelenet® developed and deployed Speech Analytics Solution for our Hospitality client to support for assessing their inbound volumes to understand & improve parameters for sales conversion. Our solution was deployed for the client, where through sentiment analytics and historic customer behavior trend analytics, the agent has real-time visibility to best possible options/alternatives to convert a sale.

Capability Portfolio

Our Big Data and Analytical solutions support clients with early risk and fraud identification as well as provide customer behavior analysis, sentiment analysis, prospect analysis, customer profiling/buying behavior analysis to provide competitive advantage to our clients across industries.

  • Descriptive Analytics
    Proof points
    Data cleansing, Data validation, Data extraction, Data integration for understanding Relation between data variables, Hypothesis testing and Business case development for decision making activities
    • Deployed analytics program to assess customer effort in contacting client
  • Predictive Analytics
    Identify & assess future risks and opportunities such as Analytical customer relationship management (CRM), Collection analytics, Cross-sell, Customer retention, Fraud detection, Portfolio, product level prediction, Risk management
    • Developed a tool which identifies association of hotel client's properties with respect to customer's booking behavior, inturn improving sales/reservation conversion on every call
  • Speech Analytics
    Study all voice traffic to identify trends and report output, including call reasons, key drivers for customer satisfaction, AHT drivers, potential fraud, upsell opportunities, repeat call drivers etc..
    • Deployed solution for assessing sales call conversion, and identified 15% of non-sales call volumes with potential for sales opportunity
  • Social Media Analytics
    Measuring + Analyzing + Interpreting interactions and associations between people, topics and ideas on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These provide insight on Customer Sentiment, Customer Behavior insight, Trends, Contact reduction, Identify influencers
    • Deployed social media platform /page and post analysis of Financial services client's competitors sites determine impact on customer engagement
  • Text Analytics
    Analyzing unstructured text, extracting information, and transforming it into useful business intelligence on Sentiment Analysis ,CSAT Analysis, Emotion Detection, and Relationship and association
    • Deployed Email analysis to identify top drivers for customer complaints
    • Deployed First Call Analysis program to assess contact drivers
  • Reporting & Infographics
    Create intuitive and easily understood dashboards or scorecards to show progress on key drivers and targets in across operations (trends, spikes, data summary & comparison)
    • Developed web dashboard that compared page views, and identified most popular pages
    • Developed custom report for Finance function that identified month on month cost variation of top 10 cost elements
  • Our solutions leverage over 200+ workforce experienced in Research, Six Sigma, Lean, Analytical & Statistical Models, Process Re-engineering and Solution design frameworks.
  • Our analytical solutions leverage 30+ tools covering data collection, segregation, analytical/statistical modeling, and reporting workflows