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Banks & Financial Institutions face a challenging & dynamic environment with greater competition from specialized FinTech firms, pressure on interest margins in a low interest rate market and increasing regulatory requirements. All of this at a time when consumer behavior is changing & traditional banking models & practices are no longer sufficient to meet the ever-increasing consumer demands.

Intelenet’s offerings to Banks & Financial Services providers are designed to specifically meet each client’s needs. We leverage our vast industry experience, understanding of various markets & verticals and our focus on analyzing & forecasting changing consumer behavior across various segments. Our services are focused on adding long-term value to our clients, helping them deliver quality service across various channels while maintaining a controlled environment that is compliant to all relevant regulations.

Customer focused solutions…

Intelenet® developed and deployed Social Media Analytics tool for a leading Financial Institution, to plot customers’ profiles to assess how the customer lifecycle engagement could be improved, and identify which channels were primary influencers in customer’s decision making process for the Financial products.

Global Service Portfolio

Intelenet’s BFS practice specializes in Front-Mid-Back Office Process Management for institutions across US, UK, Australia, Middle East and India

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    Banking Institutions
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    Retail & Branch Banking, and Commercial Banking & Markets Operations spanning Account & Customer lifecycle Management including KYC & AML Implementation & Monitoring
    • Unlocking Customer Value: Increased net receivables on the credit card portfolio by £4.4mn annually through targeted promotion of products.
    • Accelerated On-boarding: Reduced Turn-around-Time for opening a Retail Bank Account by 20% by transforming existing processes.
    • Superior Sales through Service: Generated over 100k leads a year for the Bank through need-based cross-selling of products. Improved conversion rates by 16% through consistently exceptional customer service.
    • Reducing idle cash: Improved Turn-Around-Time for reconciliation of cash in circulation by 72% by re-engineering workflow and optimization of resources.
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    Financial Institutions
    Account Management, Customer Lifecycle Management, Query & Escalation Management, Product & System Helpdesk Management, Fraud Management, Payment Processing-Repair & Reconciliations, Collections- Disbursement & Closures, Vendor Management, Risk & Compliance Management
    • Seizing the Digital Opportunity: Driving mobile adoption through proactive conversations leading to 127k additional customers going mobile.
    • Enhancing Customer Advocacy: NPS across our voice channels at 85th percentile in the industry driven by aligning focused data-driven monitoring & aligning all performance metrics to NPS.
    • Trustworthy & Compliant: Maintained 95% FSA-compliant sales of regulated products through risk-based controls and an Audit-ready environment.
    • Hitting the Bulls-Eye! Processing over 10mn payments annually at over 99.8% accuracy through implementation of a customized COPC framework.
    • Preventing Fraud Losses: Saved the Bank £3.54mn annually on credit & debit cards through fraud detection efforts supported by real-time interventions
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    Credit Bureaus
    Disputes, Disclosures, Maintenance, and Fraud Management along with technical support for Customer Account Management
    • Deployed “I-Flow®” workflow solution which was custom built for automating the Credit Bureau process flow
    • Reduced abandoned rate from 4.85% to 1.56%
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    Mortgage Providers
    Data Entry, Indexing, Assessments, Underwriting, Servicing, Rate Switches, Redemptions, and Completions
    • Re-imagining Mortgage Application Cycle: Deployed innovative solutions supported by LEAN / 6-sigma methodologies to reduce Mortgage Offer cycle from 11 days to 48 hours.
  • Banking BPO and BFSI Outsourcing
    Debt Buyers
    Collections via Dialer Management
    • Curtailing Impairment: Reduced delinquent book for Trade Finance by 98% over a period of 7 years through development of targeted collection strategies for every portfolio.
    • Mitigating Credit Risk: Outstanding recovery book reduced by 12% on credit cards and 30% on mortgages through improved segmentation of portfolio based on risk profile.
  • Our solutions leverage over 17,000+ Banking & Financial resources, working in PCI and ISO certified and compliant environments. Complete BFSI Outsourcing

  • All processes are strengthened with Lean, Six Sigma & transformation capabilities, as well as supported by over 300+ tools spanning the Customer & Account Lifecycle Management.

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