Back Office Services

In delivering any service, back-office processing amounts for a large percentage of the workload, requiring skilled resources, efficient systems and benchmarked delivery frameworks, which tend to tie-up client resources.

Intelenet® works with our client to jointly manage back-office service delivery against benchmarked standards.

Cost Effective Operations Management

Intelenet® manages the end to end retail banking process cycle of a leading Financial institution, where leveraged our people capability, BFS experience and technology & tools portfolio to reduce cost of collections, improve FTE productivity and reduced credit losses.

Capability Portfolio

Our Back office solutions are strengthened by Digitization and Knowledge Services capabilities, and supported by our Best practices team & Center of Excellences. This ensures that every service engagement is continuously delivering Performance, Productivity & Efficiency improvements

  • Backend-Processing
    Back-end Processing
    Proof points
    Data Entry and OCR/ICR services, Mailroom correspondence, Document collection & Indexing, Document Verification, Printing & Dispatching, Application Review, Creation of Profiles & Accounts, Amendments, Request Management, Loyalty Program Administration
    • Leveraged analytics to deliver  0.65 million of annual hard savings from clients either from correctly reflecting transaction value in the back office systems, thereby invoicing accurately for collections
  • Rule-Based-Processing
    Rule Based Processing
    Mortgage/ Loan processing, Billing & Queries Resolution, Contract Loading, Rate Loading, Fulfillment/Logistics, Documents/Reports Processing, Payment Processing/ Funds Transfer, Inventory Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Reimbursement Services & Medical Coding
    • Reduced average processing time per invoice by 40%
    • 90% reduction in operational losses for Swift/Chaps payments
    • Processing GBP 2.7 billion worth of end-2-end mortgages/month with a 8% reduction in through put time
  • Judgment-Based-Processing
    Judgment Based Processing
    Advantaged Mortgage Underwriting, Insurance Premium Underwriting, Invoice & Claim Processing, Fraud Detection & After Care, Issue Resolution, Disputes & Disclosures
    • Productivity increased by 10% through implementation of workflow system
    • Delivered 0.5m savings to client in Fraud Authorization queue
  • Our solutions leverage over 20,000+ workforce experienced in varying back-office processes

  • All processes are strengthened with Lean, Six Sigma & transformation capabilities, as well as supported by over 600+ tools spanning customer and account lifecycle.