A: Analytics

As part of our commitment to continuously strengthen our service delivery, Intelenet® as a practice, baselines processes once they reach BAU (Business As Usual) phase, after which we initiate analytical studies on the operations and delivery metrics to assess opportunities for improvement.

Our Analytics service suite encompasses predictive modelling and text analytics, statistical modelling and analysis, data preparation and aggregation, data visualization, deployment of analytical models, dashboard reporting and model maintenance, software needs assessment and deployment and customized analytics training and mentoring.

  • Data-Collection
    Data Collection
    Data Collection, Data Management, Remediation & Reporting
  • Data-Analysis
    Data Analysis
    Data Analysis and use of advanced statistical tools to uncover opportunity areas
  • Solution-Deployment
    Solution Deployment
    Translating data analysis to real actions that help generate value for our clients

Operational Analytics

We apply analytical tools and techniques to existing call centre and back-office operations to continually improve quality of customer interactions, optimise the cost and productivity of these transactions and thereby improve efficiency.

Our experience allows us to create intuitive and easily understood dashboards or scorecards that provide insight on KPIs and metrics. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Identify trends & spikes in process delivery
  • Relation between data variables
  • Collection analytics
  • Fraud detection
  • Portfolio, product level prediction
  • Risk management

Customer Analytics

We apply similar statistical tools and techniques to customer data to derive Business Insights in the areas of customer acquisition, retention and value enhancement.

Our customer centric analytics programs capture customer data, interpret it in the context of business objectives, and use it to drive better performance and customer experiences. These include

  • Centralize, analyze, and act on customer experiences across single or multiple channels of interaction, including recorded calls, surveys, chat, email, social media, and the Web.
  • Capture and analyze targeted, highly segmented customer feedback to build loyalty, enhance products and services, drive revenue, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage.
  • Detect customer emotions, and derive customer sentiment through social media, speech & text analytics
  • Derive insight into customer behaviors though descriptive data analysis.
  • Identify influencers, relationship & associations and avenues for cross-sell and retention through predictive data analysis.

For more details on our analytical solutions, please refer to ”Next Gen Solutions”