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TAP Thought Leadership Paper

We are excited to introduce TAP, our quarterly thought leadership paper, aimed at introducing new trends and concepts within the Business Process Management industry.

We live in a world that is constantly online and always connected. In this edition of TAP Thought Leadership Paper, we explore the phenomena of digital disruption in today’s age, and how the future of customer expectations will revolve around the ability to predict an experience for the customer and in fact go a step forward to underwrite it for each customer.

Click on link to read/ download Intelenet’s TAP Thought Leadership Paper on delivering meaningful experiences that capture value for clients and stakeholders in this era of ‘Experienced Economy.

Value Based Care for Healthcare providers

With the introduction of Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as ObamaCare, there is an industry wide need for lowering costs and increasing access to care.

To meet these requirements, the industry is gradually witnessing a shift from volume-based payments, to reimbursements for the value of care that providers deliver. With PRPA regulations bolstering the adoption of these models, providers are required to align their operational objectives with the greater objectives of better care, better population health and lower costs.

Click on link to read Intelenet’s research paper on transitioning reimbursement providers from fee-for-service model to value based reimbursement models.